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Custom Hardware

Customisable weather and vandal resistant locks, latches, hinges and door accessories.

Stainless Steel Door Rods UM1414 and UM1413

Roller Rods

Stainless steel rods and rod adaptors supplied to length required. Nylon rollers.

Stainless Steel Door Rod


Stainless steel rods supplied to length required. Can be connected to two or three point cams.

Black sponge rubber gasket (EPDM). Compression. Edge protection.


Black sponge rubber gasket (EPDM). Compression. Edge protection. Wide variety of profiles available.

Looking for custom machined castings?

Lockbolt ERS now offer precision custom castings to your drawing and specification. Get in touch with us for a quote or send us a few details and a drawing using the button below.

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