Mega Lock

A high strength structural blind rivet with high shear and tensile values with internal locking mechanism within the head of the fastener (does not require any special nose tip for installation)

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Mega Bolt

A high strength structural blind rivet with high shear and tensile values. Uses a special nose tip for external locking during installation.

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Floor Lock

A self-countersinking blind structural rivet that is strong, vibration proof and watertight. Designed for use in plywood, used on trailer and vehicle floors.

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Blind Structural Rivet

High Strength Blind Fasteners are heavy duty, high strength and tamper proof. Designed for use in heavy duty fastening applications where there is restricted access so it is not possible to use a Lockbolt Pin & Collar.

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Panel Tainer

The Panel Tainer is a high strength tamper proof nut and bolt that is fast and easy to install. Designed for use on GRP panels they are both removable and reusable.

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Bulb Lock

The Bulb Lock is an aluminium structural rivet. Ideal for use on thin sheet or low-strength materials such as aluminium, fibre glass and plastics. Has a weather proof seal.

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Lock Bulb

The Lock Bulb is a blind structural rivet with high shear and tensile strength. It works by creating a bulb on the blindside of the application spreading the load bearing over a greater area.

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Fully Compatible Tooling

Fully Compatible ToolingLockbolt ERS supply a comprehensive tooling range to install Lockbolts, Blind Fasteners and Rivets.Pneudraulic and hydraulic toolsTo install fasteners from 4.8mm (3/16”) up to 34.9mm (1-3/8”) diameter.Comprehensive stock of nose assemblies and replacement partsFull service and maintenance facility for your existing tools.To find out more: Visit Gage Bilt Website Or make an enquiryEurope and InternationalLockbolt (ERS) Ltd.Call: +44…

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