Large Diameter Lock Bolts

The large diameter Lockbolt pin and collar is a two piece, heavy duty fastening system. Lockbolts offer a high strength, vibration proof installation and high shear and clamp loads.

Lockbolts are quick and easy to install, tamper proof, and offering a wide range of diameters and lengths make them the ideal choice for heavy engineering applications.

Lock Bolt Specifications

Standard Sizes: Ø 12.7mm (1/2”) 15.9mm (5/8”)  19.1mm (3/4”)
22.2mm (7/8”) 25.4mm (1”) 28.6mm (1-1/8”) 34.9mm (1-3/8”)
Standard Head Styles: Round head, Truss Head, CSK
Material / Finish: Steel self colour finish (Black, oiled)
Optional Finish: Industry standard finishes available.
Optional Very High Tensile Strength: 10.9 grade
Optional Head or Styles: Custom head styles can be developed for customers with specific applications. Typically used where the outer head of the lock bolts can perform additional functions designed into the manufacture.

Once the collar has been swaged onto the Lockbolt a permanent vibration proof joint is achieved.

The pre-load values remain consistent on every installation.

Full technical data available upon request. 

Lockbolt Installed

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