custom hardware swinglock

New Product: Swinglock development finalised and major contract awarded, supplying to the cabinet industry.

Lockbolt have developed and released swinglock, a brand new latch to handle the need for an environmentally sealed and vandal resistant, high security compression latch .

The brand new Swinglock from Lockbolt ERS acts as follows:

  1. A security tool key releases the hinged cover plate (a)
  2. The high security deadlock is revealed.(b)
  3. Using a high security tool key the torque latch can be rotated moving the roller cam (c) away from compressed seals of the cabinet.

The sealed unit shell of the Swing Lock provides the environmental protection and vandal resistance of chamfered stainless steel. The high security key lock inside prevents unauthorised access and works as a high torque low turn compression latch.

Product literature will be available soon. For more information on this product please contact Custom Hardware sales on +44(0)1858 469191

  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Vandal Resistant
  • High Security
  • Compression Latch