Lockbolt Installation

The design and construction of the Lockbolt fastening system ensures the user of a high pull together of  joints and permanent clamp force with consistent pre-load on every fastener.

The high tensile and shear strength of the installed Lockbolt provides a joint with very high resistance to vibratory loosening. This ensures that all fasteners are installed with the same results under all conditions.

With fasteners being installed under such uniform conditions it is easy to install with several operators up to 25 fasteners per minute.

Visual inspection of the installed fasteners eliminates the need for expensive equipment and time consuming inspection methods.

The diagram above displays a guide to the installation process for Lockbolts.



Our Lockbolt fasteners have been extensively tested and conform to the very same specification as industry standards.

It is important to note that both our fasteners and tooling are fully compatible and above all interchangeable with industry standard systems.