4 year contract awarded to Lockbolt

To supply Hinges, Locks, Locking Rods and Gasket.

Today Lockbolt have successfully secured a 4 year contract to supply Custom Hardware to a major UK cabinet manufacturer. This signals Lockbolt’s commitment to what is a relatively new product line to them. On launch Lockbolt stated their intention to ‘…do better than what is already out there’ and the leaders of the Custom Hardware line, Terry Norton and Steve Turner intend to continue product and supply chain enhancements.

Alternative to SouthCo® E3 compression lock launched

Lockbolt ERS have developed and released an alternative to the ever popular SouthCo® E3 compression latch with bellcore head style ensuring a reliable and cost effective supply for their customers.

The UM2122 is lower in manual torque, requiring less effort to turn the key, without compromising on maximum load. These units are highly corrosion resistant with a good level of security and suit IP65 and NEMA4 applications.

Product literature will be available soon. For more information on this product please contact Custom Hardware sales on +44(0)1858 469191

custom hardware swinglock

New Product: Swinglock development finalised and major contract awarded, supplying to the cabinet industry.

Lockbolt have developed and released swinglock, a brand new latch to handle the need for an environmentally sealed and vandal resistant, high security compression latch .

The brand new Swinglock from Lockbolt ERS acts as follows:

  1. A security tool key releases the hinged cover plate (a)
  2. The high security deadlock is revealed.(b)
  3. Using a high security tool key the torque latch can be rotated moving the roller cam (c) away from compressed seals of the cabinet.

The sealed unit shell of the Swing Lock provides the environmental protection and vandal resistance of chamfered stainless steel. The high security key lock inside prevents unauthorised access and works as a high torque low turn compression latch.

Product literature will be available soon. For more information on this product please contact Custom Hardware sales on +44(0)1858 469191

  • Environmentally Sealed
  • Vandal Resistant
  • High Security
  • Compression Latch
dice a double

Lockbolt double cabinet hardware stock to cope with demand

The installation of the next generation of mobile and data infrastructure is ramping up. All suppliers to this market have had to respond to this continued growth and Lockbolt are no exception.

Lockbolt are committed to providing their customers with the best possible service and a big part of this means responding to demand and putting in stocks to cope with it. Right now Lockbolt have doubled their stocking levels for the Custom Hardware division and will continue to increase as required.

Custom Hardware UM1000 Hinge

Following successful trials Lockbolt launches new Custom Hardware division

Lockbolt are happy to announce their new product line. Following successful trials (see article) the Custom Hardware division will be supplying cabinet manufacturers with a range of access hardware to suit the demanding conditions of external and road side cabinet use.

Terry Norton is joining Lockbolt, bringing unrivalled experience in access hardware to the division and Lockbolt are going to continue to work closely with the cabinet manufacturers involved in the product trials.

Initial product lines include: Hinges, specialist locks, compression locks, torque locks, latches, locking rods and gaskets. New products are being developed and will be made available when ready.

No literature is available at present but you can contact Terry or Steve on +44(0)1858 469191 or

Update 5th March 2015 – Product overview and PDF’s available here

Roadside Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Hardware: Specialist consultant appointed

Evaluating the supply of access hardware to the cabinet manufacturing industry

Whenever Lockbolt look at manufacturing a new product the first question is always ‘Can we do this better than what is already out there’? Meeting with cabinet hardware specialist Terry Norton gave Lockbolt the opportunity to find out whether they can make better cabinet hardware.

The thing about cabinets is; they sit outside, all year round. We need these cabinets because they protect the delicate electronics required to keep our broadband and mobile phone services running. They have to withstand the extremes of temperature, moisture, salt and spray erosion. Getting inside the cabinets has to be nearly impossible for those that shouldn’t be in there and be quick and easy for those that should be.

We are all familiar with doors that don’t open and close properly but cable and telecoms engineers need to work quickly and reliably. Great access hardware will ensure the engineers can get at the equipment inside the cabinets, do their job and then secure them against the elements.

“We know we have the manufacturing and distribution capability to produce this hardware and with over 20 years experience in access hardware we know that Terry has the expertise.  The question is, are we going to be able to do it better than existing suppliers”
Steve Turner MD

Lockbolt and Terry Norton have teamed up with cabinet manufacturers to see if they can come up with the access hardware and supply logistics they are looking for.